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Retail Stores

D&M Electrical Services works with large commercial retailers including Apple, Best Buy, CVS, Marshalls, Staples, Trader Joes, and Wells Fargo, industrial warehouses, universities, hotels and healthcare facilities such as Regina Nursing Center, Genesis Healthcare and ACT’s Retirement Center.

We provide each unique business top quality electrical designs at a competitive price. Our team of professionals consistently exceeds customer’s expectations. We use the layout, inventory and space of your business to design fit-outs and assign environmentally friendly lighting to fit your budget and save you money.

D&M offers site lighting, security cameras, sign removal and installation and management. We regularly conduct surveys to ensure everything is working, as it should. Our professional team understands how any sudden loss of electrical service can result in immediate loss of revenue and productivity, so we perform preventative maintenance through thermal imaging and infrared cameras so we can fix the problems before they start.

"The Premier Commercial Electrical Service Providers of the Tri-State Area". Call (610) 825-4765
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